HAZAL TEKSTIL was established in 1996. This story, which started with contract manufacturing, started to grow by establishing Mat Tekstil in 1999.

Hazal Tekstil, which stands out with its comfort, simplicity and quality, continues its growth adventure with U&ME as a Turkish brand for 25 years.


In 2000, he carried out very serious R & D studies to establish his own brand, and in 2005, he launched the Thermoform brand.

It is the continuation of the growth adventure of Turkey's first Thermal underwear and accessories company. In 2019, the brand also made an agreement with the D'S Damat brand, which represents Turkey on the international platform, to purchase the Bondy brand and run in this lane in the same year. In addition, it started to produce pajamas, underwear and accessories. In 2020, it started to open its stores, U&ME, which started to have a say in the organized retail sector.


U&ME, one of the respected and well-established brands of the Turkish ready-made clothing industry, appeals to different tastes with its underwear, pajamas, nightgowns, tracksuits, maternity and puerperal wear, swimsuits, sea shorts and beachwear products. Unlike many brands in its sector, U&ME operates in all areas of design, production, storage, marketing and sales; stands out with its comfort, simplicity and quality.


Comfortable, simple, quality, durable and keeping up with fashion trends on time... to be one of the brands with the most preferred and most admired collections in the ready-made clothing industry with our creative, innovative, customer and technology-oriented understanding.


To be the leader of the sector with our technical infrastructure that keeps up with the age of information and technology, our technical/management staff with a creative and strategic perspective, and our understanding of quality service at international standards in the whole world and in Turkey, aiming at unconditional customer satisfaction in every step taken.


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Ticaret Ünvanı Hazal Tekstil Giy.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.
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