Raya Organik

Raya Organik

With the respect we have for nature and you in the rapidly deteriorating ecological balance, Raya Organic grows day by day and supports organic production in order to build a healthy future for you and your loved ones.

We help you raise organic generations by taking the gift of nature from fertile lands and loyal farmers in every corner of our country and delivering it to you both on the shelves and at home.

Raya, who was born with the warm hands of Anatolia and a seed plucked from its soil, reaches all parts of the country and visits you in your kitchen and at your tables.

Trusting the promise that everything starts with kindness, we help you consume Raya Organic products, which is the greatest good you can do for yourself and the nature, which nature generously offers.

Raya grows every day with all its naturalness thanks to soil, sun and water, and offers you an organic future from nature.


Gönderim Adresi Beykoz | ISTANBUL
Ortalama kargo süresi 2 gün
Soru cevaplama süresi 0-12 saat
Exporgin'deki süresi 2 yıl, 8 ay, 15 gün
Satıcı Bilgileri
Kayıtlı E-Posta Adresi info@rayaorganik.com
VKN 6470364137
Merkez Adresi Beykoz | ISTANBUL
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