Nevresim Dünyası

Nevresim Dünyası

Established in 1960, "Nevresim Dünyası", within the body of Bayramoğlu Shopping Centers, has been providing you with trouble-free service in home textiles and home accessories since 2007.

Our company was incorporated by Bayramoğlu Group in 2009 and brought a new breath to the e-commerce sector and home textile category.

Our head office where we serve you and our 1500 m2 warehouse where we deliver your products are located in Istoc Trade Center. We show you, our valued Nevresim Dünyası customers, that our product range is expanding day by day and that it is in direct proportion with the increase in our brands. Thanks to the service we have been providing since 2009 and our principle of 100% customer satisfaction, your orders are delivered to you in the fastest way possible. At the same time, with the support we provide after the order and your evaluations, Nevresim Dünyası has brought it to the top in the Home Textile category.

Our goal is to satisfy you by stepping in at the point where minimum price and maximum quality meet in home textiles and to offer you the products you want to buy in the most reliable and fastest way with nearly 30 brands we cooperate with.

Among the e-commerce sites we received from Yıldız Technical University in 2013, "The Most Reliable Home Textile Award",

Web Design award in 2011,

We would like to thank you, our valued customers, for our "2015 Home Textile Category First Place" awards for the success we achieved in the N11 sales platform within Doğuş Holding in 2015.

In addition to our retail sales, we will supply products to different sales platforms on B2B and will allow you to see the Nevresim Dünyası brand on every web page you visit. At the same time, we provide dealership to hundreds of retail stores and websites with XML integration.

Every user who visits our website and makes a purchase is under our guarantee. You can contact us at (212) 445 2 445 whenever you want to contact us.

All rights of the "Nevresim Dünyası" brand, whose patent belongs to us, are protected.


Nevresim Dünyası


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