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10% discount on promotional products with code cuma10 TRY 540.00
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Ingredients: Special Firik Pistachio, sugar, water.

Duration: 2 months.

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Our products are cooked from oak wood in stone ovens and are completely natural without any additives.

It is known that baklava was produced by putting dried fruits between the dough in Central Asia BC In the 17th century, it was produced in Palestine.
Baklava, which was served to the Ottoman sultans, was later brought to Haleb and named after the palace baklava. Later on, the baklava brought to Gaziantep was thought to be more delicious here, and the legendary taste among the people as Gaziantep baklava spread all over the country, as can be seen today, Gaziantep baklava has geographical indication registered. We deliver our baklava, which is produced in hygienic conditions under primitive conditions as on the first day, to every corner of the world.

TRY 600.00