Lizard Creek IV Unisex Sandals-GRAY

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Lizard Creek IV Men's Sandals

An innovative footbed made of Lizard Creek IV Happy Cow synthetic leather means the Creek IV sandal is suitable for both land and water-based activities. Soft fabric straps fasten with Velcro fastening at the toe, ankle and heel. Vibram outsole offers secure traction.

Lizard Creek IV Technical Details

Raised edges for finger protection
Nose bar for secure grip
arch support
Extremely durable

Lizard Creek IV Specifications

Arch support for more comfort
Pit bottom sole provides additional support
Raised edge to protect toes
The toe brace prevents the foot from sliding forward, helping to position the toes correctly

Lizard Creek IV General Information

Used materials;
Upper: Mesh, Velcro
Sole: Happy Cow Suede
Sole: Tokyo sole made of vibram rubber
Closure: Triple Velcro
Heel: 10MM
Front Foot: 10MM
Weight: 262g (Right Single)

Lizard Creek IV Technologies

Tokyo Sole: Tokyo sole is defined by its low profile, flexibility, hollow sole, and natural position.
Italian Craftsmanship: Manufacturing in Italy with Italian components means reducing our environmental impact and maintaining genuine Italian craftsmanship that is universally recognized for its quality, comfort, style and unique design.
Vibram: In 1937, Mr. Vitale Bramani (VI-BRAM) invented the world's first rubber soles. Today these soles are synonymous with quality, durability, performance and durability. The unique components used for Lizard shoes are specially selected to match the shoe model for which they are designed.
Artificial Leather: Artificial leather with the same mechanical, technical and comfort properties as leather. The cows will thank us.
Water Compatibility: Designed for use in both fresh and salt water.
Vegetarian: Does not contain products of animal origin.

TRY 2,923.55