ARTİKEL Leaves and Feathers Nail Tattoo, Nail Tattoo, Nail Art, Nail Sticker

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Name: Leaves and Feathers Nail Tattoo, Nail Tattoo, Nail Art, Nail Sticker 

Colour: Green and its shades Size: 12.5 x 6.5 cm 

Material: Water transfer temporary tattoo paper

Usage: Keep the product in its original packaging, do not keep it in hot and extremely humid environments. After the first use, keep it in its package in a moisture-free and dry environment without losing the gelatin on it. Remove only as much gelatin from the pattern as you will use and do not let water touch the remaining parts.

Package Content: There are 100 nail tattoos in 1 package.

It is very easy to create nail-art in the designs you want with your nail tattoos. If you want your nails to attract attention and look beautiful as much as you do, it is very easy to achieve this with sticker nail tattoos. Sticker nail tattoos do not look fluffy on your nails, do not require nail-art materials, and make it easy to make the nail-art models you want.

Click here to buy online different sticker nail tattoo models that you can use for nail - art applications.

Nail Sticker

Do you want to make a difference and be stylish with your vibrant nails? You can use nail sticker types for this. You can decorate your nails in the most beautiful way in seconds with nail sticker products. Various nail sticker brands are available for sale. If you are wondering how to use nail stickers, you can take a look at our article before researching which is the best nail sticker .

What is Nail Sticker?

Nail stickers are colorful, small shapes designed to decorate nails. Its application is very practical and it is a good nail decoration option with very beautiful results.

Among the types of nail stickers; There are those whose pattern covers the entire nail, monochrome ones that look like nail polish, and small pasted shapes. The shapes of the stickers include tiny cartoons, flowers and animals.

How to Apply Nail Sticker?

The stages of nail sticker application can be listed as follows:

  • The nail is cleaned before application.
  • Make sure that the nail is oil-free and dry.
  • If the nails are long, they are cut and filed. It may be preferable not to shorten the nails too much during this process.
  • A thin layer of base (primer) nail polish is applied on the nail. If the nail decoration is preferred to attract attention, white nail polish can be applied.
  • After the nail polish dries, the protective nylon on the nail sticker is removed upside down and placed on the desired point on the nail.
  • It is pressed to ensure that it adheres well.
  • Stickers are applied to all nails as desired. Then, the back of the paper is pressed with a wet sponge for 15-20 times and after the paper is separated, the paper is removed and the sticker is transferred to the nail.
  • Apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish onto the sticker and wait for it to dry. In this way, nails shine and nail decorations can be used longer.

Made in Türkiye

TRY 65.00