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Get naturally defined eyebrows with CARLA Eyebrow Pencil. Our eyebrow pencil, in Shade No: 210, offers the most natural way to enhance your brows. The special brush on the cap not only helps you groom your brows but also makes the application a breeze. Achieve Effortless Elegance: CARLA's Eyebrow Pencil is designed for those who appreciate the beauty in simplicity. It effortlessly enhances your eyebrows, giving you a refined and natural look that complements your overall style. Precision Application: With its fine tip, this eyebrow pencil allows for precise application, helping you fill in sparse areas and create well-defined arches. Whether you prefer a soft, subtle look or bold brows, you're in control. Easy to Use: The built-in brush on the cap keeps your brows in check, ensuring they stay perfectly groomed throughout the day. Plus, the practical design makes it convenient to carry with you for touch-ups on the go. CARLA Quality: Trust in the CARLA brand for quality and reliability. Our Eyebrow Pencil is no exception. It's a must-have addition to your makeup routine, helping you achieve the perfect eyebrow look effortlessly. Made in Türkiye

TRY 195.00