Buckwheat Pops 36 Pack Advantageous Food Package Gluten-Free Product Vegan

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Buckwheat Pops 36 Pieces

100% Natural and Additive-Free Gluten-Free Snack

-Buckwheat puffs are produced using only buckwheat. There is nothing else inside.

-Contains high amounts of fibre.

-Each package contains 14 grams of protein.

-It is one of the cleanest products you can choose in the healthy snack category.

-It does not contain chemicals that extend shelf life.

-You can consume it safely with your family and loved ones.

-It can be consumed with many spreadable products such as paste, jam, honey and labneh.

-One buckwheat puff is only 32 calories. This allows it to be included in a low-calorie snack.

-It is among the quality foods with its rich nutritional value.

TRY 939.00