Bodyshaping tights

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Stimulates blood circulation

Supports the fight against cellulite

Provides permanent weight loss

Provides an average of 4-12 cm of slimness

It creates a slim silhouette thanks to its firming function.

Helps improve your posture while working, walking, playing sports or driving

Reduction of chest pain during menstrual periods; Helps relieve muscle pain in your back

No bacteria, no odor;

People sweat all the time. Sweat, on the other hand, is an ideal feeding environment for bacterial growth. These bacteria are the cause of the irritating and unpleasant body odor. The sanitized hygiene function acts as an internal deodprant and prevents the formation of sweat odor with clothes, even in heavy sweating.


The unique microfibers used in all BioPromise and Biofir products contain active bio-crystals that absorb body heat as soon as they come into contact with the skin. This body temperature is converted into long-wave infrared rays (FIR). It has been proven that long-wave infrared rays produced by special bio-crystals pass through the skin and reach the deep cell tissues and improve intercellular exchange. These long-wave infrared rays stimulate cell-cell metabolism by releasing nitrous oxide (neuro-transmitters) found in the body itself. Nitrous oxide (NO) is produced by the body, and this is evident from its expansion. The more blood in the right spot, the better the body's functionality at that spot. When the blood circulation is better, the signal is given to the lymph drainage and the discharge of waste materials and thus the swelling goes away. Body circumference becomes thinner. With better blood circulation and oxygen uptake at the skin level, cellulite is broken down and converted into a cellular fluid. The skin is now much smoother. Excess is naturally excreted from the body with cell fluid.


All the advantages provided by the use of active Bio – crystalline unique microfibers apply to both BioPromise products and Biofir products. Only Biofir products are manufactured on conventional machines for underwear production. However, special corsage machines are activated for BioPromise products. BioPromise products are knitted much finer and tighter on these special machines. Thus, it reaches a higher quality standard and this quality gives you a slimmer silhouette and excellent wearing comfort.

All BioPromise and Biofir products meet the high quality standards of Sanitized ( and Öko-tex (

Öko-tex standard. It is an independent, international test and certification system for all textile products regarding the use of harmful substances.

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TRY 203.71