Black Shine Beauty Oil Moisturizer And Radiant Anti-Blemish And Stretch Mark Multi-Purpose Miraculous Care And Repair Oil 100ml

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Easily complete your moisturizing care routine using a single product with its powerful formula from nature.

Facial Care: With its strong formula coming from nature, thanks to the antioxidant power of valuable oils, it gives glow and shine to your tired and lifeless face, provides anti-aging care, reduces the appearance of dark spots, and helps the skin to have a clear and firm appearance. Suitable for use before make-up.

Body Care: With its refreshing and regenerating effect, it perfects your body appearance, has a repairing and nourishing effect on cracks and spots. It moisturizes your body and its pleasant smell leaves a nice feeling on your skin all day long.

Hair Care: When you apply it to dry or damp hair ends, it prevents breakage and wear, supports strong hair roots, and ensures easy styling. It offers a lively and bright appearance and provides easy scanning.

Containing valuable oils, Black Shine Beauty Oil Miraculous Care Oil helps to renew the skin, moisturize dry skin, make the body look shiny and radiant in general, repair stains and cracks, and give the hair a strong appearance.

It nourishes your hair and makes it shiny.

It moisturizes the skin and gives it a lively and healthy appearance.

Anti dark spots
Brightening moisturizing feature
Special formula that nourishes and revitalizes the skin
Content of rich natural oils
 Sunflower oil,
 Evening Primrose Oil,
 Rosehip Flower Oil,
 Hemp Seed Oil,
 Avocado Oil ,
 Carrot Seed oil,
 Jojoba Seed Oil,
 Safflower Seed Oil,
 Fine and Sweet Almond Oil,
 Pumpkin Seed Oil,
 Wheat Germ Oil,
 Grape Seed Oil,
 St. John's Wort Oil,
 Apricot Kernel Oil,
 Wild Sea buckthorn Oil,
 Indian Oil,
 Geranium Oil,
 Lemongrass Oil

Usage: You can use it whenever you need, apply it gently by massaging the area. Suitable for daily use on the whole body. When applying it to your face and body, make sure your skin is dry and clean. Apply in circular motions. Then wait a while for your skin to absorb the product. When applying to your hair, apply it to the ends without bringing it to the bottom of the hair. Then comb your hair and shape it. If you need an intensive care, apply from root to tip and use as a hair mask, leave for 10 minutes and then wash with warm water.

TRY 119.90