23 Cm Latnox OX + Camping Stove Practical Metal Fire Top Camping Grill

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Latnox® OX + Small Size Camping Stove
Quickly Set Up Your Camping Cooker Almost Anywhere!
An indispensable part of activities such as Camping, Picnic, Fishing, Trekking Next to OX + Folding Metal Camping Grill!

  • Modern & Industrial Style, Minimalist Design
  • Lightweight, Easy to Assemble, Reliable, Takes Less Space.
  • You can setup in 5 seconds
  • The smallest of the OX + family, it takes up little space but works a lot in nature.
  • Unique foldable design makes it easy to carry and store. Folds and transports flat.
  • With its folding structure, you can carry it in your backpack or even in your car glove compartment or door pocket, it does not take up space.
  • It is made of 2 mm carbon steel material.
  • Only 260 Grams
  • Closed case 2 pieces overlap:  23cm (Width) x 9cm (Length) x 0.4 cm (Height)
  • It is shipped with a custom-made cloth bag, you can fold it and carry it in your backpack, car, motorcycle.
  • Painted with matt black paint resistant to 690 degrees heat.
  • You can use your OX + hob with gel fuel, solid fuel tablet, or alcohol / spirits, not only with twigs of kindling.
  • You can use your OX + portable over-fire camping stove fully compatible with BBQ + grill.
  • You can use your durable, environmentally friendly metal camping stove that is easy to clean and does not take up space for many years.
  • You can easily set up your design metal camping stove in 5 seconds without the need for complex assembly.
  • We reflect the strength and durability of high quality steel to our camping products.
  • Note: The pots, pans, grills used in the image are not included.


    TRY 626.85