Warranty policy



Warranty Policy

1. I lost my warranty card. What should I do?

  • If the warranty period of the product you purchased does not expire when the warranty certificate is lost, you can seek assistance by contacting the  customer services.
  • If the warranty period has expired, the order cannot be processed.

2. The warranty certificate for the product you purchased was not included in the product packaging / it was not delivered. What should I do?

  • Packages of the products you have purchased are sent to you by EXPORGIN SAS .
  • If the warranty certificate for the product you purchased is not included in the package, you can contact customer service .
  • Generally, unless otherwise stated, the date on which the product invoice is received is the warranty start date. Since the warranty period and conditions for each product are different, it is best to know the warranty terms and the duration of the product you purchased from the EXPORGIN SAS and obtain the warranty certificate, if any.
  • To access your bill;
    • The EXPORGIN SAS will deliver your invoice to you as an electronic archive via email or in paper form with the product.
    • In the event that your bill is not received or lost, you can submit a request via the support center.

3. When does the warranty period for the product I purchased start?

  • The warranty period for the product you purchased begins with the delivery of the product. Although it varies for different products, the warranty period is generally two years or more. If available, the Warranty Certificate must be delivered to you at the time of order delivery. Depending on the product purchased, you can certainly submit your request for a warranty certificate to your dealer.

4.I was charged for the product I sent to Technical Service. What should I do?

  • For products whose warranty period is still in effect, from the authorized purchaser of the service; Transportation, shipping, installation, service personnel, labor charges, etc. No fee is charged for these services.
  • If the authorized service charges you while the warranty period for your product is still in place, you can contact EXPORGIN SAS  and ask for help with this.
  • Since there is a problem caused by a usage error, the technical service may charge for the repair. If a problem occurs due to an error in use, check your rights under the warranty.

5. How many days will the repair period of my product that I send to technical service be completed?

  • Repair times for products sent to Technical Service vary depending on the products. This information is written in the warranty documents.
  • Your product is repaired and delivered to you within the specified maximum repair period.

6. How can I get information about my service/holiday application process?

  • To obtain detailed information about your product, which is in the process of authorized service;
  • You can get information from the authorized services of the brand, from the importer, the manufacturer or from our customer service department for products with an official dealer warranty.

7. Why was my service/holiday request not approved?

  • If your product malfunctions, you can apply directly to the authorized service.
  • The product must be sent in its original packaging with all accessories included.
  • If the product requires installation, the installation must be done by an authorized service. If you attempt to interfere with installation or similar situations before authorized service arrives, the product will be out of warranty.
  • The product must be sent to the authorized service with the invoice and warranty certificate.

8.The devices you sent to the technical service are missing. What should I do?

  • If the hardware of your product coming from the service is missing, you can contact the authorized technical service that sent the product to you.

9. What should I pay attention to during delivery if the authorized service will install the product?

  • Installation will be done by authorized service; Do not open packages of products such as white goods, large household appliances, and electronic goods.
  • Check before opening the package. If there is any damage outside the package;
  • You must prepare a damage assessment report to the shipping officer
  • If there is no problem outside the package, contact the authorized service and make an appointment for installation.
  • If you face any damage after installing the authorized service product, you can prepare the service status report by sharing the situation with the authorized service, or you can contact customer service.

10. There is missing information about the product details in the content of my warranty document. Who can I ask for help with this problem?

  • If there is missing information in the content of your warranty document, you should contact the EXPORGIN SAS and ask for help on this matter. If necessary, you can also contact customer service.
  • You can ask the EXPORGIN SAS for the origin of your warranty certificate.
  • The information that must be included in the Warranty Certificate is;
    • The date of delivery of the product to the buyer.
    • manufacturer / importer, address of the company,
    • Address, telephone and other contact information must be specified on the warranty certificate.
  • You should read the warranty document and check whether the information we mentioned above is included in the document.

11.You have lost the warranty document for the product you purchased. Can I use the invoice instead of the warranty certificate?

  • The invoice for the product you purchased does not replace the warranty certificate. Therefore, you cannot use the product invoice in place of the warranty certificate. However, some companies consider the invoice sufficient. This information will be more accurate when purchasing the product.
  • The product invoice date is accepted as the warranty start date. Therefore, it cannot be used as a substitute for a warranty certificate.
  • To obtain the missing warranty certificate for your product, you can contact the EXPORGIN SAS and ask for help in this matter.

12. Will the warranty period for the product I received with the warranty certificate be renewed?

  • The warranty certificate for the product you purchased is limited to the remaining warranty period of the product

13. There is no approved service for the manufacturer/importer of the product I purchased in my current location. What should I do?

  • In the event that there is no authorized service station in your location, you can contact the EXPORGIN SAS and request assistance from the nearest authorized service center.