Çınar Extreme Stripe Design Mint Green Motocycle Helmet Sticker CinarExtreme

Çınar Extreme

Adet Seçimi

Müşteri Hizmetleri Garantisi
  • 14 gün ücretsiz iade hakkı
  • Güvenli ödeme, güvenli alışveriş
  • Orijinal ürün garantisi

Product Information & Application Instruction

  • Stripe Shape Design
  • 15 stripe stickers
  • One long tape measure: 2cm (Width) x 17cm (Length) - One square tape measure: 2.5cm (Width) x 2.5cm (Length)
  • Mint Green
  • 1 is enough for motorcycle. It is sent as a set sufficient for the front and rear fenders and for your helmet.
  • Plain color options are glossy, not reflective or fluorescent.
  • High quality, strong material that does not damage the paint.
  • High quality material that does not fade.
  • Imported non-carcinogenic material.
  • Resistant to heat, water, dust, gasoline and sunlight.
  • Does not fade, throw, lift.
  • Long-lasting, self-adhesive, leaves no traces when removed.
  • The tag has 3 layers. 1 backdrop, 2 Labels, 3 transfer tapes. Transfer tape is used to easily apply the product to the desired surface.

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