Seller's Guide

How Can I Become a Supplier on Exporgin?


1. What are the requirements to become a supplier?

  • In order to be able to sell on Exporgin, you must first be the owner of a company (Person, limited liability or joint stock company).
  • It must be taxable, legal, and able to issue invoices.
  • Your seller information must be complete (correct, complete and reliable information).Porgin Digital Technologies A.Ş. is not responsible for incorrectly entered information.
  • It should be noted that the products sold are of high quality, undamaged and trouble-free.
  • The products offered for sale by the supplier must have a warranty certificate, contact your Category Manager regarding warranty documents or missing technical documents.
  • It is obligatory to issue an invoice for the products you will sell.

2. What are the documents required to become a supplier in Exporgin?

  • Seller and authorized information must be filled in completely. (Name-Surname, mobile phone, E-mail address…)
  • Personal and commercial documents must be submitted in full.
  • Sales category and company type information should be filled as requested.

Required documents for application:

  • Tax plate
  • Signature circular of company partners
  • Trade registry gazette
  • Scanned identity images of company partners
  • Operating certificate
  • Other documents (Extra documents that may be requested from you regarding the products sold, trademarks, patents, etc.)

3. Is there a fee to open a store in Exporgin?

  • Opening a store on is free. For, it will be free until 01.06.2022, and then up to 20% of the annual price can be paid within the scope of State Supports according to the criteria of your company.
  • Sales commission on is collected from the seller according to the commission rate in the category you are selling. There is no other store rental or additional expense.

Sales commission: It refers to the amount that the seller will pay to Exporgin for each sales transaction by the seller at the rates included in the category-based commission rate list predetermined by Exporgin.

Payment to the Seller: After the sale, the commission and shipping fees of the approved order amounts, which exceed 14 days as of the delivery of the products to the customer and have no return status, are deposited in bulk to the Bank Account specified by the Seller when applying for the store.

4. How do I make an application?

  • You can complete your preliminary application by logging into the vendor application panel via the Supplier Application Form.
  • After completing the 3-step application form submitted to you and approving the lighting text and store membership agreements, your application will be evaluated by the Exporgin Vendor Approval Department. In case of approval or problems, you will be contacted through your contact information.

Step 1: Create your store by entering the name and surname of the store you requested and the name and surname of the E-commerce officer, and proceed to step 2 by clicking the next button.

Step 2: Enter your company and product login information completely, click the next button and proceed to the last step.

Step 3: Enter your bank account, upload the required company documents to the system and complete your application by reading and approving the lighting texts.

5. How will I know the result of my application?

  • The result of your application to Exporgin as a seller will be shared as an e-mail via your company's e-mail, as a result of the evaluation of the authorized persons.

6. How long does it take to approve my application?

  • The result of the supplier application you have made electronically on will be evaluated and shared with the seller within 48 hours.
  • Your application may be considered negative in cases such as;
    • If you have entered incorrect information and documents in the seller application form,
    • If you are selling prohibited products, your application will be considered negative. You can find the list of prohibited products here.
    • If the missing documents cannot be completed, your application will be considered negative.