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Şekeroğlu Online

Şekeroğlu Spice: Unchanged Quality for 35 Years...

Şekeroğlu Spice Production Quality
Şekeroğlu Baharat, which focuses on customer satisfaction and produces in hygiene and quality standards, manages its production processes with Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 documents.

With Şekeroğlu Online, Antep is at your Door
Şekeroğlu Online, the online sales platform of Şekeroğlu spice, as a mission, through our sekerogluonline e-commerce site and other marketplaces; It aims to deliver fresh and quality products in coffee, spices, nuts, Turkish delight, dried fruit, Antep local products and herbal categories from Gaziantep to all of Turkey and ###strong#<100 customer satisfaction.

Where Quality Products Meet
The most used and loved spice varieties of Turkish cuisine are delivered to your door in their fresh and natural form. From black pepper varieties to local chili pepper varieties, from cumin to coriander, from cinnamon to thyme, a variety of sought-after spices are waiting for you. Making a difference in taste and quality in coffee variety, Şekeroğlu; With Menengiç coffee, Ottoman coffee, Dibek coffee and freshly ground Turkish coffee varieties, it adds satisfaction to your guests and adds flavor to your conversations.

Turkish delight types in the Şekeroğlu Turkish delight category; Fine wick Turkish delights, double roasted Turkish delights, special delight varieties do not contain any additives. Glucose-free Turkish delight varieties are produced with fresh and high-quality nuts and offered to your liking.

The new crop local Antep products needed by Gaziantep cuisine, whose difference and quality in taste are registered by UNESCO; Dried stuffed vegetables, naturally made pepper paste and natural pomegranate syrup are delivered to all over Turkey via Şekeroğlu Online.

Pistachio varieties and other dried fruits that come to mind first when Gaziantep is mentioned; Almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, chickpeas and seeds are delivered from Gaziantep to Turkey in a healthy and hygienic manner, under conditions suitable for food transportation.

You can visit our Şekeroğlu Online blog page to reach up-to-date and useful information about the products on our site.


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