Koçak, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to the leading companies of the jewelry industry, was founded in Ankara in 1958. It has grown day by day by experiencing the pride of being a preferred brand with the principle of quality service understanding.

Today, Koçak takes its place in the sector with its concept stores and more than 1000 sales points in Istanbul and Turkey. You can find many products under the same roof, from 14 carat gold, 18 carat gold and 22 carat gold and diamond jewelery to special design collections.

With its Brand Management Center located in Nuruosmaniye, which is the brand showcase of the sector, Koçak also exports to many countries and becomes a preferred brand abroad.

The biggest goal of Koçak, which has positioned its name as a solid and reliable brand, especially in the sector, is to grow more steadily day by day in Turkey and abroad and to strengthen its place among the most preferred ones.


Gönderim Adresi Fatih | ISTANBUL
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Exporgin'deki süresi 2 yıl, 8 ay, 16 gün
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VKN 3880679068
Merkez Adresi Fatih | ISTANBUL
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