ÇELEBİOĞULLARI Pistachio Wrap (Stuffed)

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Ingredients: Flour, egg, starch, milk, semolina, clarified butter, sugar, water, salt and special peanuts.

Duration of endurance: Three days in summer and five days in winter.

We recommend that all our products be slightly heated before eating, as the clarified butter in them is natural.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and moisture-free place.

Our products are cooked in stone ovens, over oak wood fire, without any additives and are completely natural.

It is known that baklava was produced by placing dried fruits between the dough in Central Asia before B.C. Later, it started to be produced in Palestine in the 17th century, and then
It was served to the Ottoman sultans. Baklava was brought to Aleppo with minor changes and was named palace baklava. The most important factor that makes dishes local is not the place where they are made, but the taste of the ingredients and the geographical location of these ingredients. Gaziantep's unique pistachios and the oil used are exactly at this point, where the taste finds itself, meeting the destiny of the homeland and becoming local. Everyone who consumes or even produces baklava knows that it is the geographical indication registration that makes baklava Gaziantep Baklava and makes it widespread among the public. As Çelebioğulları, we deliver Gaziantep Baklava to you, produced under traditional conditions and in hygienic environments, just like the first day, to every corner of the world. Enjoy your meal

TRY 1,050.00