YAMUNA Performance Biker Shorts

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Performance Biker Shorts
It will be a pleasure for you to exercise with these shorts, which maximize the effect in sports and exercise activities .
Performance Biker Shorts have special Neotex fabric.

Performance Biker Shorts; It helps you achieve the look you want in your upper legs, hips, lower abdomen (bagel), upper abdomen (stomach) and waist area.

Performance Biker Shorts;

All sports can be done, including yoga and pilates. It is flexible fabric.

- It has special stitches and special fabric

-It has a trendy model thanks to its shortened leg length.

-It is domestic production.

Cleaning Instruction
Only hand wash the Performance Biker Shorts without using detergents or fabric softeners. After each use, you should turn it upside down and ventilate it.
Do not wring the product and do not dry it in the dryer.
Product Content:
56% Neoprene
44% Polyamide

TRY 362.91