YAMUNA Outlet Firming Corset Leggings

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Yamuna Corset Tights
have a firming, shaping and regenerating effect. It instantly shows at least 1 size slimmer. It shows an instantly noticeable effect in 3 regions (Legs, Hips and Belly).

Gathers and shapes the leg area.

It collects the Basin (Hip) region. It provides a sculpting effect and makes it look slim.

Thanks to its double-layered special weaving in the abdomen (belly) region, it provides a visible tightening. Thanks to its new generation seamless knit, it literally wraps around the abdomen. It helps to provide an hourglass look.

Thanks to the special double layer silicone non-slip strip on the waist, it does not slip.

Operating Instruction
If you do not have any health problems during the day (allergic diseases-microfiber polyamide and / or Elastane Allergy, etc.), we recommend you to use your Yamuna corsets up to 6-8 hours a day.

Cleaning Instruction
Corset Tights can only be washed at 30°.

Materials Used

82% Microfibre Polyamide, 18% Elastane

TRY 221.48