Nevresim Dünyası Duvet Cover World Single Ranforce Duvet Cover Set Hena Turquoise

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Nevresim Dünyası
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Product sizes
• Duvet cover: 160x220 cm
• Sheet: 160x240 cm
• Pillowcase: 50x70 cm
Product features
• 57 wire weaving density.
• Material: 80% Cotton
• Material: 20% Pess
• It has an easy ironing feature.
• There is no shrinkage or flowing problem after washing.
• It is light and air permeable.
• It dries quickly and is easy to iron.
Washing instructions
• Wash by hand or in the washing machine by turning it inside out in warm water at 30 degrees.
• Do not use bleach.
• Wash at low temperatures.
• Do not keep it wet.
• You can dry it in a tumble dryer at low speed.
• In the first wash, wash the product by turning it upside down. This applies to all products, thus prolonging the life of the product.

TRY 513.85