Beyisa Natural Grape Molasses 500 Grams

TRY 221.89
TRY 221.89
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Mardin Midyat Local Flavors Natural Grape Molasses Mustard Grape Molasses

It is obtained from the grapes in the vineyards in Mardin Midyat Region Söğütlü Neighborhood, which are grown entirely with organic fertilizers and without using any chemical pesticides. It is prepared by boiling these grapes in wood fire and steel cauldrons according to traditional methods.

  • It is 100% natural and organic grape molasses that does not add any flavoring, coloring or preservatives during the production phase.
  • Grape Molasses, which is rich in phosphorus and calcium, strengthens your immune system thanks to its vitamins, proteins and minerals. You can safely choose Grape Molasses to enjoy the village-style nature with your loved ones.
  • The product is sent in 500 ml plastic bottles or in glass bottles according to stock.

TRY 221.89