TAZE7 Mebrum Medina Date 250 Gr

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Mebrum Medina Date

Date is the fruit of a palm tree that grows in hot and dry climates. Since it does not grow in cold climates, it is more common in regions with a desert climate. The date fruit, which is quite nutritious and delicious, reaches the end consumer with many types, especially Mebrum Medina Date, Jerusalem Date and Acve Date.
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Nutritional Values of Mebrum Medina Dates

  • Each 100 Gr of Mebrum Medina Dates 350 calories
  • 80 Gr of Carbs
  • 2.5 Gr Protein
  • It contains 0.5 gr oil.
  • In addition, trace amounts of calcium, iron and sodium minerals can be found. (All amounts are approximate.)

TRY 212.38