Latnox CoffeeX Drip Portable Coffee Distiller Folding Stainless Steel

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Latnox® CoffeX Drip Portable Coffee Distiller

Modern & Industrial Style, Minimalist Design
Light, Easy to Assemble, Reliable, Takes Less Space.
You can set up in 10 seconds
Unique foldable design makes it easy to carry and store. It is folded and transported flat.
With its folding structure, you can even carry it in your pocket, it does not take up space.
It is suitable for food contact as it is made of 1 mm stainless steel material.
Just 100 Grams
You can use it with number 2 filter coffee paper. It is compatible with cone filter papers.
It is shipped with a custom made cloth cover, you can fold it and carry it in wallets, bags, even pockets.
The pouch has a pocket for carrying filter coffee papers. It provides the opportunity to store 10 coffee filter papers. You can carry both coffee still and filter coffee papers in one bag.
You can brew 1 cup of coffee at a time.
It is suitable for glasses or thermoses with a mouth diameter of 5 cm to 8 cm.
It has three legs that prevent it from slipping out of the coffee cup.
You can safely wash it by hand or in the dishwasher.
Forget about burning, tipping, aging with CoffeX Drip ...


TRY 719.04