Çınar Extreme Large Fire Stove Camping Stove Multi Fuel Portable Grill Folding Fire Pit BBQ CinarExtreme

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Çınar Extreme

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ÇınarExtreme® Fire Stove Camping Cooker
  • Modern & Industrial Style
  • You can setup in 1 minute
  • Fire Stove is brother of his family - Large Size
  • Large size: 13cm / 5.11inch (Width) x 13cm / 5.11inch (Length) x 18cm / 7.08inch (Height) - 1mm / 0.039inch stainless steel thickness - 860 Grams / 1.896 Lbs
  • Has 2 different heights that you can use. In this way, you can adjust the distance of your food to the fire.
  • There are 2 feet of different heights in the upper section.
  • There is a wide fire nozzle for you to throw bushes, cones, wood and coal.
  • Multi fuel; It is suitable for use with alcohol, chafing fuel, solid fuel tablet, gel structure, brush-whisk-kindling, wax.
  • You can enjoy it in the forest, garden, fishing, even on the boat.
  • The fire logo allows you to see the flame inside without going near the stove, except that it is a beautiful image.
  • Thanks to the holes designed for air inlet and outlet, you will be able to light your fire in the camp very quickly.
  • You can brew your tea at the top, roast corn with potato, heat your meal, fry bread, cook meatballs, sausage meat, enjoy marshmallows.
  • When used with a candle, you can quickly make a cup of soup and even use it as a fondue.
  • Setting up and collecting time is less than 1 minute, it is practical. It is easy and simple to use in wet grounds, rainy weather, non-fuel lands.
  • Suitable for daily use, it can be used in camping and outdoor activities or emergency bags.
  • Stainless steel Large size Fire Stove are suitable for dishwasher or hand washing.
  • Suitable for use as a fondue with wax even at home. It can even be used as a decorative.
  • You can use your durable, environmentally friendly metal camping stove that is easy to clean and does not take up space for many years.
  • You can easily set up your design metal camping stove in 1 minute without the need for complex assembly.
  • We reflect the strength and durability of high quality steel to our camping products.
  • Note: Teapot, top square - rectangular grid and fuels are not included in the price.

TRY 3,102.90