Beyisa Jewelry Gold Silver Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing Water 50 ml

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Gold and Silver Cleaning and Polishing Water Usage Instructions

If your product has a flat surface, you can clean it by wetting the cloth. If the product is indented, put the product you want to clean into the cleaning liquid.
Rub the product you have immersed in the liquid for 5-10 seconds depending on its darkening. You will soon notice that it has cleared.
After realizing that it is clean and shining, you remove the product, rinse it with water and dry it and the process is complete! NOTE: With the 500 ml version of the product, up to 5 kg of material can be cleaned.
Uses: Gold, Silver, Steel and Copper.
It is sufficient to store the product at room temperature and with its mouth closed.
In this way, the product remains without losing its effect for years.

TRY 117.64