Birinci First1926 925 Sterling Yellow Silver Women's Grape White Real Pearl Necklace

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-Brand: First1926

-Product Code: ST06587

-Product Name: Grape White Real Pearl Necklace

-Main Metal: 925 Sterling Yellow Silver

-Pearl Color: White

-Pearl Luster: AA

-Total Weight (Gr): 4.90 GR

-Item Length (Cm): 45 CM

-Product Width (Cm): 1.7 CM

-Grain Size (Length- Width): 4.5 MM

-Grain Shape: Round


  • A deviation of (+/-) 10% may occur in the specified weight due to production.
  • Our products are sent in their special box and after hygienic cleaning.
  • Since pearl products are original, they all have their own unique structure. It may differ from the image.
  • Our pearls are produced from natural pearls and are sent with a Certificate.

TRY 1,241.60