TAZE7 Dried Pistachios 500 Gr

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Dried Pistachios

Fig is the fruit of the temperate and hot climate-loving Fig tree, which is grown mainly in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East countries. Türkiye meets the majority of production in the world. This delicious fruit, which is even the subject of folk songs, is used in many areas in its raw, wet and dry form. Dried Pistachio Figs, which are frequently consumed especially in jam making and as Dried Fruit, are carefully packed and shipped to your address within one day.

Dried Pistachios Nutrition Facts

  • Each 100 Gr of Dried Pistachio Figs 250 calories
  • 64 Gr of Carbs
  • 3,5 Gr of Protein
  • 1 Gr of Oil
  • Contains 10 Gr of Fiber.
  • In addition, trace amounts of iron, potassium, calcium and sodium minerals; Vitamins A, C can be found. (All amounts are approximate.)

TRY 349.87