TAZE7 Dried Apricot 250 Gr

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Dried Apricots

It is the dried form of the fruit of the apricot tree, which can be grown in almost every region of the world. Since the storage life of the wet form is short, people preserve the apricot by drying, as in many fruits, and the dry form is much more demanded than the wet form. It is one of the first flavors that come to mind when it comes to dried fruit. You can order different options such as Sun Dried Apricots and Dried Apricots from the Dried Fruit category of our site.
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Nutrition Facts of Dried Apricots

  • 240 calories per 100 g of dried apricots
  • 65 Gr of Carbs
  • 3,5 Gr of Protein
  • Contains 7 Gr of Oil.
  • In addition, trace amounts of potassium, sodium, iron and calcium minerals; Contains vitamins A, C. (All amounts are approximate.)

TRY 141.13