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Black Carbon Fiber

Console Skin Kit


: 1 Piece Full Console Cover
  2 Pieces Full DualShock 4 Arm Cover
Compatibility : PlayStation 4 & Compatible with DualShock 4 Series.
: Real Carbon Fiber Textured.
  Protects Your Console and Arm Against Possible Scratches

Long-lasting, Self-Adhesive.
Doesn't leave traces when removed, easy to apply.
High Quality, Strong Carbon Fiber Material that Does Not Damage Paint
High Definition 3D Clear Printing with No Fading
Resistant to Heat, Water, Dust and Sunlight. Does Not Fade, Drop, Take Off
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Why Playstation 4 & Should I Use Dualshock 4 Skin ?

If we like to play games and we use PlayStaion, we want our console to look nice and not scratched.

German proper material, it will protect the surfaces from scratches and will add an exquisite atmosphere !

We found a very economical and aesthetically pleasing solution thanks to our coating solutions

When sticking the veneer, you should pay attention to the surfaces to be bonded from dust, dirt, degrease v or the adhesive residues of the coating you used before, and before applying your coating ysurfaces Heat a little with a SPAN>dryer (This will also help you get rid of the remaining adhesive residues).

In this way, the coating you will apply on a slightly warm surface will adhere more firmly and stay there for a long time. you keep it.

Add & How to Apply Coating to Arms ?
Take a few minutes and watch the application videos we prepared for you...

Sony PlayStation 4 Console Skin How to Paste ?
How to Apply Skin to PS4 Console ?

How to Paste the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Arm Skin ?

How to Apply Coating to PS4 Arm ?

Protecting console and arms & If you want to add style, buy a console skin set now !

TRY 846.24