BiKahve Dibek Coffee 1000 Gr

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Dibek Coffee

It is a type of coffee in which different plant extracts and aromas are mixed to soften the hard and intense taste of Turkish Coffee. Dibek Coffee is spreading rapidly all over the world from Anatolian lands. It contains many different products such as coffee cream, cocoa, cinnamon, zahter, chocolate, menengiç.

BiCoffee Dibek Coffee Content

  • Turkish coffee
  • Coffee Creamer
  • Chocolate
  • Menengiç
  • Carob Extract
  • Salep Aroma
  • Cardamom

Making Dibek Coffee

Dibek Coffee, just like Turkish coffee It is made by cooking a measure of Dibek Coffee for each cup and a cup of water over low heat with a cezve. As with almost all types of coffee, slow cooking of Dibek Coffee will provide more flavor and pleasure.

TRY 299.97