Beyisa Barley Cut Transparent Rope Ways Antiqued Acrylic Cast Aircraft Glass Simulation Prayer Beads with Metal Tassels

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Polyester Cast Prayer Beads with Metal Tassels
The product is made of pressed polyester.
The tassel of the product is metal. It is not silver.
Tassels may vary. It can be changed at the customer's request.
For silver products, you can check out our other products in the store.
What is Polyester?
polyester , polymers  One category, or more specifically, is condensation polymers containing ester functional groups within their main bonds. Polyesters in nature  Although polyester is generally available in all polyethylene terephthalate  And polycarbonate  It refers to a large family of synthetic polyesters containing PET , thermoplastic  It is one of the most important polyesters.

Rosary thread is used, it is not elastic

Since it is handcrafted, there may be 1-2 missing or extra beads.

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The silver used in our products is 925 sterling silver. Alloys can be used in authentic jewelry. Non-silver products are stated in the title or description.

Our products are produced by hand workmanship.

Optional changes can be made to the products.

Silver products can be gold and rose plated. It is optional.

It is normal for silver products to darken.

TRY 81.48