Arlita Gray Active Pro Activated Carbon Unperfumed Fine Grain Clumping Odor Trapping 4x10 L 4 Pieces 10 Liter Cat Litter

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Arlita Gray Active Pro Activated Carbon Perfume-free Fine Grain Clumping Odor Trapping 4x10 L 4 Pieces 10 Liter Cat Litter It is made of 100% natural Bentonite. Environmentally friendly Arlita cat litter does not contain any chemicals that will harm the health of you and your cat due to the use of completely natural raw materials. Absorbency Feature: Arlita cat litter absorbs the liquid with its excellent clumping effect, traps the odor and clumps instantly. While producing Arlita cat litter, the amount of dust is reduced to a minimum by going through special processes to prevent dust from occurring in the environment where the consumer uses it. Anti-Odor Effect: Arlita cat litter not only prevents the spread of bad odors to the environment, but also traps the odor in case of contact with liquid. Clumping super white bentonite. It has high water retention capacity. Natural scent is controlled. 99.5% dust free. It shows super clumping. It is easy to clean. Keeps the container dry and clean. It is made of high quality bentonite. Provides economical consumption. It contains activated carbon. Perfume-free for sensitive cats. Usage: Fill the cat litter container 7 cm. Remove the lumpy parts every day. Make up the missing sand up to 7 cm.

TRY 629.99