29 Cm Latnox OX + Camping Stove - Over Fire Grill - Camping Equipment

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LATNOX With OX + Camping Stove You Have A Stove Everywhere!
Camping, picnic, fishing, backpacking hiking, trekking etc. It is an indispensable product for people who love outdoor activities like.

IMPORTANT: The Cookware in the Images is not included in the price

How to Use

1- Find a flat floor suitable for making a fire
2- Combine 2 pieces in the form of + within 5 seconds
3- Light the fire, feed it with brush twigs from the spaces on the side
4- Put whatever you want in the area provided by the + (plus) shape

Material: Carbon Steel
Coated with 690 Degree Heat Resistant Paint.

Product Dimensions:
Medium Size: Height 29cm - Height 12cm

Only 350 Grams


TRY 720.88